Sainsbury's provides £10 million investment for School Games (2024)

The UK’s Olympic and Paralympic sporting legacy was given a huge boost today when Sainsbury’s pledged a £10 million package to support the new School Games Competition over the next four years. A further £14 million from the Department of Health plus a further £8 million from Sport England will extend funding for School Games organisers from two years to four years, up to 2015. And sponsorship from adidas means that the 1,600 young athletes will be provided with sports kit.Sainsbury’s recently announced David Beckham as the new ambassador for its Active Kids programme and future activity to encourage sport in schools.

The unprecedented funding package, which will ensure that the School Games have a lasting legacy beyond 2012, was announced today by Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt and Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Justin King. To mark the announcement they were joined today at Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre by Olympic Silver medallist Gail Emms, Paralympic hopeful Andy Lapthorne, Sport England Chair Richard Lewis, Youth Sport Trust Chief Executive Baroness Sue Campbell, British Paralympic Association Chief Executive Tim Hollingsworth and children from the City of London Academy in Southwark.

Mr Hunt said:

“We are absolutely determined to leave a real and lasting legacy for young people from London’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the Sainsbury’s School Games will help do just that. The fantastic funding package announced today - from Sainsbury’s, adidas and the Department of Health - shows the commitment to completely transform competitive sport in schools. I want to thank Sainsbury’s and adidas for their generosity in helping to secure the future of the School Games beyond 2012.”

Sainsbury’s was previously headline sponsor of the UK School Games and this new sponsorship sees the supermarket build on its involvement in school sport. Through its Active Kids programme, London 2012 Paralympic Games sponsorship and this new initiative, Sainsbury’s aims to make sport accessible to children of all ages and abilities.

Justin King, Sainsbury’s Chief Executive said:

“We are thrilled to announce our support for the School Games over the next four years. It will complement our Paralympic Games sponsorship perfectly and will add extra weight to our hugely successful Active Kids Scheme which is now in its 8th year.

“We have promoted a healthier and more active lifestyle for all for many years now and this new sponsorship will see us continue to build on that in 2012 and beyond.”

The Department of Health has also committed an additional £14 million to fund School Games Organisers for another two years, up to 2015. That comes on top of £22 million of funding from The Department of Health and Sport England to support those posts until 2013. The School Games Organisers are responsible for working with schools to deliver the Games and work with projects like the Change4Life Sports Clubs. The Youth Sport Trust has been commissioned by Sport England to deliver all levels of the School Games up to 2013, including the finals in 2012.

Adidas have also today signed up as official kit supplier for the Sainsbury’s 2012 School Games national finals. They will provide kit for the 1,600 young athletes who will compete in the finals in the Olympic Stadium and other Olympic venues in May.

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley said:

“The School Games is a great example of how we can use fun and engaging ways to get more children into the habit of being active. Not only is this vital for good health but it is a great way to build self-esteem and confidence.

“I’m delighted to be investing an additional £14 million in the School Games. This will help us achieve a real legacy for school sport and help make physical activity part of everyday life.”

adidas Head of Sports Marketing, Robin Money,said:

“adidas are delighted to be involved in equipping the 1600 competitors for the 2012 School Games. Adidas has an unrivalled history with the Olympics and especially in Britain where we have supported Team GB and Paralympics GB for many years. By clothing the athletes of the 2012 School Games, adidas will be supporting the next generation of British Olympic talent. This will be a wonderful experience for them and will help to create a great legacy for British Sport”

Sport England Chair, Richard Lewis said:

“The School Games is bringing the magic of a home Olympic and Paralympic Games to tens of thousands of young people and will inspire them to make sport part of their lives. Sainsbury’s is leading the way in showing how the private sector can help us achieve our mission to get more young people enjoying sport.”

British Paralympic Association Chief Executive, Tim Hollingsworth said:

“This announcement is great news. Sainsbury’s support for the London 2012 Paralympic Games has already shown how committed they are to driving interest and improvement in disability sport across the UK, and the School Games is notable for its inclusive approach. I expect it to provide a key moment in the sporting journey of young athletes as they strive to represent their country at future Paralympic Games.”

Youth Sport Trust Chief Executive, Baroness Sue Campbell said:

“Sainsbury’s has a proud history of supporting school sport and we are delighted to have them on board for the School Games. 2012 promises to be a magnificent year for sport and the Youth Sport Trust is delighted to be delivering the School Games, which represent a fantastic opportunity to excite and inspire young people through sport.”

Notes to Editors

  1. Speech from Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt: £10 million Sainsbury’s investment to inspire a new sporting generation

  2. For further information about the Sainsbury’s School Games contact DCMS on 020 7211 6266.

  3. For further information about the Sainsbury’s sponsorship package contact Darragh Ooi on 020 7695 4651.

  4. The Sainsbury’s School Games is a new school sport competition, using the inspiration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to help transform competitive sport in schools and get more young people playing sport. Open to all schools, there are three levels of competition (class versus class, school versus school and then county or city wide sports festivals) leading up to the showcase final on the Olympic Park. The Sainsbury’s School Games will continue after 2012 and the ambition is for the finals to be held in the Olympic Park at regular intervals. Schools have until the end of February to sign up. For further information contact the Youth Sport Trust on 020 7211 5262.

  5. Sport England is investing up to £35.5 million of National Lottery funding in the School Games.

  6. More information is available on theLondon 2012and DCMS website.

  7. Web-quality film and photos will be available on the DCMS website shortly.

Press Enquiries: 020 7211 2210
Out of hours telephone pager no: 07699 751153
Public Enquiries: 020 7211 6000

As a sports enthusiast and someone deeply immersed in the world of sports management, particularly in the context of Olympic and Paralympic legacies, I find the recent developments in the UK's sporting landscape, especially the collaboration between Sainsbury's, the Department of Health, Sport England, and Adidas, highly intriguing and promising.

Firstly, the announcement of a substantial £10 million funding package from Sainsbury's for the new School Games Competition over the next four years is a significant step towards ensuring a lasting legacy from the UK's Olympic and Paralympic Games. This commitment is further reinforced by an additional £14 million from the Department of Health and £8 million from Sport England, extending the funding for School Games organizers from two years to four years, up to 2015.

Sponsorship from Adidas is another crucial element in this initiative, ensuring that the 1,600 young athletes participating in the School Games will be provided with sports kits. This not only contributes to the overall experience of the athletes but also emphasizes the importance of support from major sports brands in nurturing young talent.

The involvement of public figures like David Beckham as the new ambassador for Sainsbury's Active Kids program adds a layer of credibility and star power to the initiative. It aligns with the goal of making sports accessible to children of all ages and abilities, as emphasized by Justin King, Sainsbury's Chief Executive.

The commitment from the Department of Health to contribute an additional £14 million to fund School Games Organizers for two more years, coupled with ongoing support from Sport England, highlights a multi-dimensional approach to transforming competitive sport in schools. The focus on engaging children in fun and active ways, as mentioned by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, underlines the holistic benefits of such initiatives, beyond just physical health.

The partnership with Adidas as the official kit supplier for the School Games national finals in 2012, providing kits for the young athletes competing in the Olympic Stadium and other Olympic venues, is a testament to the collaboration between private sector entities and sports organizations for the betterment of youth sports.

In conclusion, this unprecedented funding package, spearheaded by Sainsbury's, with support from the Department of Health, Sport England, and Adidas, underscores a collective commitment to leave a lasting legacy for young people from the London's Olympic and Paralympic Games. The multi-million-pound investment, the involvement of key stakeholders, and the strategic partnerships in place position the School Games as a pivotal driver in transforming the landscape of competitive sports in schools, well beyond the year 2012.

Sainsbury's provides £10 million investment for School Games (2024)


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